What is the best pigeon scarer?

If you have a pest pigeon problem, you’ll know first-hand how destructive and damaging that can be. It can have a major impact on your business and be a serious health hazard.

Finding the best pigeon scarer and bird deterrent to humanely remove and keep pigeons away to solve your pigeon dilemma is a common question we get asked.

Pigeon deterrents

Lee Rees - Harris HawkThe first stage is to move on the pigeons by deterring them from nesting and roosting where you don’t want them. There are several pigeon pest control methods which work very effectively.

Pigeon proofing

When it comes to pigeon pest control, and once you have scared pigeons away, pigeon proofing an area or building ensures that the problem doesn’t return. Utilising responsible bird control solutions which comply with all health and safety regulations will guarantee further peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for pigeon deterrents or pigeon proofing advice, talk to your local NBC bird control team by calling free on 0333 567 2020. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and if appropriate book a survey to ascertain what the best pigeon scarer will be for your pigeon problems.

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