What are the best bird proofing solutions?

With a wide range of bird proofing services available which deal with different types of pest birds and the problems they cause - how do you determine the best bird proofing solution for you or your business?

Firstly, you need a professional company that can respond swiftly and effectively to remove, deter, and clean up after your programme has been completed or implemented at your premises, wherever you are in the UK. 

Having specialist bird control teams operating throughout the whole of the UK, enables us to carry out a co-ordinated approach ensuring an efficient, effective solution - particularly useful if you require bird proofing services at multiple sites. 

Types of bird proofing solutions

ASCO Bird NettingBird Netting

What is bird netting?  Bird netting is very effectual and a cost-effective method of bird proofing. It is polyethylene knotted netting designed to prevent birds from accessing areas and protecting the site from the damage pest birds cause.

Where can you use bird netting?  Commercial bird netting can be installed on large roofs, multi-story car parks, listed buildings, stadiums, hotels, canopies, balconies and more. It can be used with 100% confidence in places where birds are roosting at night or nesting.

Bird Spikes

What are bird spikes?  Bird spikes are a humane pest bird deterrent using upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ which are a physical barrier but without hurting them. They prevent birds landing on the sills or ledges of buildings.

Where can you use bird spikes? The strips of bird spikes can be fixed to almost any surface and the stainless steel wires and plastic bases are extremely durable. With varying heights of bird spikes, you can control different pest birds, and prevent them from nesting and roosting where bird spikes are installed.

Bird GelBird Repellent Gel

What is bird repellent gel?  Being non toxic, bird repellent gel is a method of nuisance bird control that uses food-grade natural oils to keep all pest birds species off buildings while causing them no harm. It is effective for at least two years after installation by a professional bird proofing company.

Where can you use bird repellent gel?  Bird Free Gel can be used both indoors and outdoors and installed anywhere, from commercial sites, airports, railway stations, docks, bridges to many other locations. The magnetic dishes containing the bird repellent gel can be used on structures or with hooks for use in trees.

Bird Wire

What is bird wire?  Bird wire installations are highly effective and involve a system of steel springs and wires, fixed between pillars. The use of bird wire is cost effective, versatile and humane, preventing nuisance birds from landing, nesting and roosting where the bird wire is installed.

Where can you use bird wire?  Being discreet and low profile, bird wire can be used to bird proof new buildings where birds have not yet roosted, shopping centres, glass fronted buildings or where a discreet bird proofing method is required.

If you’re still in doubt about the best bird proofing solution for your issues, call 0333 567 2020 or get in touch with our pest bird experts. They are happy to provide advice or book a free survey and we’ll provide a tailored bird proofing quote.


Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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