What are considered pest birds?

Birds are a part of our natural world, and many people find them to be beautiful. However, some species can become a problem if they negatively impact your property or business.

A pest bird is a type of bird that is considered to be harmful for humans, resources, or the environment. Most birds are not pests, but some species can be a problem in specific areas. Birds can become pests if they are too loud, or if they leave droppings or nests in areas used by high numbers of people, for example town centres. Birds can also be considered pests if they bother animals or because of the damage they can cause to things like roofs and plant machinery.


PigeonsPigeons may be among the most intelligent birds on the earth, but they are often viewed as nuisances in urban areas. Pigeons tend to roost and nest on buildings, which can be problematic for property owners and city planners.


Seagulls are a common nuisance to many people. They can be found in most coastal areas and inland urban areas, and their populations tend to increase during summer months when food is plentiful.

Like pigeons, seagulls can cause mess and damage to buildings, but they are also known to cause noise problems and be aggressive to humans and other animals.

The Grand Hotel in Scarborough experienced problems with nesting Kittiwake gulls, which chose to nest on the ledges of the hotel instead of cliffs. The birds would attack guests on balconies and cause an enormous amount of noise and disturbance. They also created mess and damaged parts of the building.

The Crow Family (Corvids)

Corvids are a group of birds that includes crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, and magpies. They are generally medium to large black birds that are among the most intelligent and sociable in the UK. They congregate in large numbers and breed in rookeries. Some of the problems Corvids can cause in residential areas, agriculture, and high-risk sites such as airports include:


iStock 000075219769 Full starlings 815x340Starlings are considered a significant pest due to the damage they cause to agriculture and urban areas. One of the primary problems with starlings is that they flock and roost in large numbers, which results in large amounts of droppings that are harmful to people and property.

Due to their tendency to flock in vast numbers, starlings can also pose a huge risk to airports; aircraft that are taking off or landing are at an increased risk of bird strike if starlings are left unmanaged nearby.

When it comes to bird pest control, identifying what type of bird you have will help determine which methods are best to use when their removal is needed.

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