Urban bird control solutions

No matter where you live or work in the UK, every city and town from London to Glasgow have urban birds such as pigeons, starlings and seagulls.

If damage, disease or destruction is caused they can be categorised as ‘pest’ birds. They are attracted by three elements – water, food and shelter. Unfortunately, this is not always conducive to living in harmony with us as humans.

This is where pest bird control services can help to deter and move on pesky pigeons or shifty seagulls to a new home, using humane and harmless bird proofing methods.

Problem GullsWhat problems do urban birds create?

Here’s some examples of the problems urban birds can create, and the successful bird control techniques used in projects around the UK. 

Starlings at Glasgow Airport

As the 8th busiest airport in the UK, when starlings began flocking to the airport and using the lighting columns as a night-time roost, it posed a huge risk to flight safety. The quick solution by our experienced bird control team in Glasglow was to utilise bird gel repellent, which side-stepped the fact there was no surface areas to which affix other bird proofing solutions. Non toxic and easy to install, the organic bird free repellent gel deters birds from areas where traditional bird proofing methods such as netting or spiking are impractical.

Nuisance pigeons in a Birmingham Aircraft Hangar

Even before a new Monarch Aircraft Hangar at Birmingham Airport officially opened, nuisance pigeons were causing potential health and safety issues with the pigeon guano. The answer was Harriet, a Harris Hawk from our Birmingham bird control team and an intensive falconry programme for a period of 4 weeks, followed by a regular programme using birds of prey to control the return of the pigeons.

Croydon pigeon problem at new bridge sites

Historic reoccurring issues with urban pigeons nesting, roosting, and defecating were hazardous to human health beneath proposed new bridges in Croydon, London. Feral pigeon faeces are extremely acidic and when untreated, results in unsightly staining on a structure. In order to avoid ongoing expensive maintenance costs of cleaning, our bird control London experts were called in. The team quickly installed a 50mm stainless steel weldmesh on both bridges to create a physical barrier and long term solution to prevent urban pigeons from entering the areas for shelter.

Preventing pigeons at a shopping centre

Baronsquay Shopping Centre in Northwich have always had a very high pigeon population but during the Coronavirus pandemic the problem began to escalate. Help was needed in order to protect the safety of customers from the problems caused by the pigeon droppings, both the fungal particles that can be inhaled and the potential slip hazard. Our Manchester bird control team installed stainless steel wire mesh to prevent the pigeons accessing the area and then dealt with the hazardous pigeon guano removal safely. 

If you have any urban bird problems and need advice, talk to our local professional teams based around the UK for a quick and effective solution. Call us today on 0333 567 2020 or book a survey and get a tailored quote.

Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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