Preventing Rodents

How to prevent rodents entering your property

There are many actions you can take against a potential rodent infestation. 

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Seal: Tiny gaps and cracks are all it takes to invite rodents into your home. Check all walls, windows, doors, eaves and drains for possible gaps. Seal up any gaps or cracks. 

Tidy: If your property is cluttered and untidy, pests will find many hidden shelters where they can bunk down for the winter. Clear away piles of newspaper and wood and store them safely away from the home building.  

Dry: As well as seeking food, rodents will also seek water and moisture in the winter. Leaks in the bathroom and lofts provide a vital supply of water for rodents 

Clear: After the autumn, leaves, twigs, branches and general garden debris have likely accumulated around your property. They provide ideal nests and shelter. All the autumn leftovers need to be cleared away before the weather gets too cold. 

Rodent-proof your home: An effective way to prevent mice includes proofing your home to keep these rodents out. Identify any gaps located higher up your building, or on your rooftop, not just those near the ground and make sure these are properly blocked. 

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