Pigeon Control: A Necessary Measure for Bristol Businesses

Bristol, a captivating city on the River Avon, is known for its thriving businesses and awe-inspiring architectural heritage. However, the endlessly growing pigeon population that inhabits the cityscape presents a significant issue. Although these birds might seem harmless, they cause various problems that require effective pigeon control solutions, particularly for businesses.

Rock Dove Feral PigeonThe Impact of Pigeons on Business and Health

The health risks associated with feral pigeons cannot be underestimated, as these birds are carriers of harmful diseases such as Ornithosis, Listeria, and E-Coli. Direct contact with pigeons or their droppings may lead to the transmission of these diseases to humans.

Moreover, pigeon droppings pose physical challenges, creating slipping hazards on walkways and car parks in the vicinity of businesses. Commercial properties and businesses have a responsibility to maintain safe pedestrian areas and may be held liable for accidents caused by pigeon droppings.

Aside from health and safety concerns, the acidic faeces of pigeons cause severe and costly property damage, corroding and eroding metal, stonework, and brickwork. Furthermore, pigeon activity in roof gutters and drains may lead to blockages, contributing to leaks or flooding.

Professional Pigeon Control Solutions for Bristol Businesses

Considering the drawbacks of an uncontrolled pigeon population, businesses in Bristol need to recognise the importance of implementing efficient bird proofing measures. As a leading provider of pigeon control solutions, NBC Environment specialises in offering a variety of humane and effective bird control techniques.

A thorough inspection of your premises is conducted by our team of specialists to identify the nature of your pigeon problem, determine the type of pigeons involved, and establish their roosting and nesting locations. This information is then used to develop a tailored pigeon control plan that suits your specific situation.

Pigeon Deterrent Methods

Several bird deterrent options are available, including bird spikes, commercial bird wire, and bird netting. These physical barriers effectively discourage pigeons from roosting in the surrounding area, offering a humane solution to the problem.

Bird spikes and commercial bird wire serve as versatile and discreet deterrents, particularly suitable for business premises and commercial structures. Bird netting, on the other hand, provides a physical barrier that prevents pigeons from accessing specific areas, making it an ideal solution for multi-story car parks, historic buildings, and other commercial properties.

For businesses interested in an advanced pigeon control solution, electric deterrents and repellents deliver a small, harmless shock to pigeons, discouraging them from returning to the premises.

By addressing the pigeon problem, businesses in Bristol not only protect their properties from extensive damage but also contribute to the protection of public health and the city's architectural heritage. Implementing effective pigeon control measures promotes a safe and pleasant environment for clients as well as the general public.

If you're looking for effective and humane bird control solutions, our Bristol Bird Control team can help.

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Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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