How to bird proof your business

Keeping your business premises mess, noise and pest bird free, is essential to avoid the costly damage, cleaning and maintenance that nuisance birds can cause.

What is bird proofing?

Bird proofing prevents nuisance birds including pigeons, gulls, crows and starlings from landing, nesting and roosting where they are unwanted. There is a variety of bird proofing solutions, technologies and techniques to ensure pest birds are deterred humanely and safely from your property and business. 

Bird proofing services

There are highly effective bird deterrent solutions available to bird proof your business. Whatever the bird species or location, bird proofing services include:

Bird Wire

Bird wire

Solar Panel Bird Proofing – The popularity and cost savings of solar panels have not gone un-noticed by pest birds. Both residential and business properties can experience extra maintenance costs due to nuisance birds. Solar panel bird proofing includes protecting wiring and components and preventing the pest birds from roosting and nesting to avoid the mess, noise and debris.

Bird Netting - Bird netting is a very successful solution for a variety of species from pigeons to seagulls. It is a cost effective and efficient way to protect your business from the problems of nesting birds, bird guano and the associated health risks.

Bird Wire Installations - Bird wire offers a highly effective method of bird control for businesses, using a system of steel springs and wires, fixed between pillars. As it is barely visible and can be fitted to most outside surfaces, this bird proofing solution is cost effective, versatile and a totally humane bird deterrent. 

Bird Spiking – Similar to bird wire, bird spiking has upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ acting as a physical barrier to pest birds without hurting them. The clever design means that just four types of bird spike provide the solution to virtually every situation where bird spikes are suitable.

Bird Repellent Gel - Developed by scientists, bird free gel is non-toxic and long lasting, made using food-grade natural oils to keep problem bird species away from your business without harming them.

The cost of bird proofing

While the birds themselves aren’t the reason for bird-proofing, it is all about the mess they leave behind and the problems that this causes.

When you compare the costs of bird proofing to the potential gains, there’s no denying that bird proofing solutions are invaluable. This is not only the costs of physical damage to buildings, but a successful bird proofing job can reclaim a business’s reputation. 

Proof bird proofing works

Bookers/Makro at Llandudno had suffered from a colony of nesting gulls for a number of years. The gulls’ nesting materials blocked rain water gullies and caused continual flooding of the internal building. This resulted in the closure of the store, stock damage and building repairs costing the company over £30k.

After installing bird netting over the roof as a deterrent, the seagulls moved on. The building was future bird proofed, with bird netting lasting for 10 years with the appropriate recommended maintenance.

As the UK’s leading bird control company, bird proofing your business is a cost effective and essential solution if you have pest birds. At NBC Environmental, we have been, and continue to be, the choice for leading UK brands such as Shell, Balfour Beatty Marriott Hotels, National Grid, Biffa, Robertson and many more.

If your business is experiencing issues with nuisance birds, book a site survey tailored to your business and location or get in touch with our pest bird control experts today or call us on 0333 567 2020.


Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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