How London Businesses Can Tackle the Seagull Menace

London businesses are facing an unusual set of challenges. As seagulls adapt to city life, they are increasingly clashing with businesses in the capital city. Noisy, messy, and occasionally aggressive, seagulls can cause significant disruptions to businesses. Below we explore the strategies that businesses in London can adopt to handle the seagull problem successfully.

Impact of Seagulls on Businesses 

The presence of seagulls might seem harmless, but for many companies located in central areas or near water bodies in London, seagulls can be a costly menace. These avian invaders can cause structural damage by nesting on rooftops and blocking air vents, creating health and safety issues. They can scatter rubbish in search of food, creating mess and ruining the aesthetics of locales.

Aggressive seagulls have also been known to swoop down on customers in outdoor seating areas, creating a negative experience that could potentially discourage people from visiting a business.

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Available Solutions

There isn't a one size fits all approach when it comes to seagull control. Various methods, including visual deterrents, physical barriers, and controlled use of bird of prey, could be employed based on the specific seagull issue faced by a business.

Visual deterrents: Non harmful lasers and bird gel that gives off ultra-violet light, appearing as flames to birds, can efficiently deter seagulls from frequenting an area.

Physical barriers: Measures such as bird netting, spikes or wires can prevent seagulls from nesting or resting in certain areas.

Bird of Prey: Installing bird proofing isn’t always an option, so bird of prey services can help. This is where a trained hawk or falcon is periodically flown in problematic areas, effectively deterring the seagulls.

Implementing Seagull Control Measures

Businesses should consider working with a professional bird control service for the most effective solutions, they will assess your individual situation and craft a tailored response. It's important to consider the business environment, above all. Areas near food supply are prone to attract more seagulls, and businesses here may need to focus more on waste management.

Regularly clean outdoor spaces and ensure all food and rubbish bins are securely sealed to minimise attractions for the birds. Employee training about responsible waste disposal and immediate reporting of any nesting activity can also go a long way in controlling the issue.

The seagull issue isn't one that can be solved overnight. It needs the consistent efforts of businesses, in conjunction with experienced pest controllers, and a genuine commitment toward responsible waste management. At NBC Environment, we understand the importance of managing a seagull population effectively, if you're looking for effective and humane bird control solutions, our London Bird Control team can help. 

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Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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