How does bird deterrent wire work?

Bird wire as a deterrent for pest birds is a popular choice for many business and building owners. This type of bird proofing involves a system of steel springs and wires, fixed between pillars. The spring-tensioned post and wire bird deterrent system constructs an unstable landing space that dissuades pest birds from landing. 

When the birds try to land, they are faced with the physical barrier of the bird wire and put off from trying to land or nest. Installing a bird wire system can prevent the many problems and financial impacts caused by pest birds, especially in urban areas.

Being a completely humane bird deterrent, wire doesn’t hurt pest birds, such as pigeons and seagulls when they attempt to land. It is also environmentally safe and will not damage buildings or affect surrounding structures.

What pest birds does bird wire deter?

Bird wire protects against different species of pest birds and is best suited for light pressure bird problems. Bird deterrent wire is extremely effective at preventing pigeons and seagulls from perching or roosting in unwanted areas. Small birds can land on the wires, but when installed by a professional bird control company, the wires can be positioned with varied spacing for the system to work efficiently.

Wire 2Where can bird wire be installed?

Bird wire systems are not only effective but easy to install and discreet. The versatility of bird deterrent wire means it can be fitted to almost any surface or architectural feature, from roof ridges, glass fronted buildings to metal cladding and steel beams. It can even be applied to awkward areas such as brick ledges, parapets, gutters, and pipes, making it a bird deterrent suitable for many applications.

There are advantages of bird wire over other bird deterrents such as bird spikes or nets. As an almost invisible bird deterrent, the wire system doesn’t damage the aesthetics or structure of a building.

Bird wire is ideal for new buildings where pest birds haven’t ventured to prevent bird droppings from fouling the fascia in the first place.

Why consider bird wire?

When compared to other bird control methods such as bird nets or spikes, bird wire systems are often favoured for their versatility and durability, while preserving the look and style of a building. If you are looking for a fast and effectual way of keeping pest birds away, once installed, bird wire is immediately effective

The longevity of bird deterrent wire makes it a cost-effective bird proofing solution. It can be completely tailored to your specific building requirements. To ensure the best possible results, get in touch today with our bird wire specialists by calling 0333 567 2020.

Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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