Does netting stop pigeons?

One of the best ways to keep pest pigeons away from an area or specific location is by installing bird netting. Whilst there are other methods of bird and pigeon control services, bird proofing with netting is instantly effective and very cost efficient. 

If you have a problem with pest pigeons, you’ll appreciate that the mess they cause can be highly disruptive to business. In addition, the health hazard caused can be a detriment to employees, customers, and the general public.

What is bird netting for pigeons?

Nylon bird netting is made from polyethylene which has been stabilised against ultraviolet light to withstand environmental conditions. It is also flame retardant for safety purposes.

The netting forms a physical barrier to prevent pest pigeons entering an area or landing and nesting on a roof top for example. Pigeon netting is virtually invisible and can even be coloured to blend with the surroundings.

council netting beforeHow effective is bird netting for pigeons?

When bird netting is installed properly by a professional bird control services company, it is 100% effective immediately. Selecting the correct netting mesh size for pigeons is vital, it is recommended that for pigeons a mesh of 50mm should be installed. 

Once installed, this pigeon deterrent will last for 10 years or more in the UK sun conditions. Furthermore, NBC Environment will guarantee bird netting installation if our recommendations and net maintenance programme is implemented.

Top 8 benefits to stopping pigeons with bird netting

  1. A cost effective and affordable pigeon pest control solution
  2. 100% successful bird proofing when installed correctly
  3. Bird netting can be used to cover an entire roof or large building
  4. Get instant protection from the health hazards with this pigeon deterrent
  5. Quick and easy professional bird netting installation
  6. A safe bird deterrent, without harming the pigeons
  7. Long lasting remedy to prevent the return of pigeons
  8. Prevent damage to buildings from acidic pigeon waste

Other pest pigeon services

Prior to bird netting installation, many sites require pigeon droppings to be removed. As a result of pigeons roosting and nesting, these can be a real danger to health. Our professional removal service cleans up bird waste which is then safely disposed. A report and completion certificate are provided declaring an area has been cleaned and is now safe.

In addition to bird netting, other pigeon control services include bird wire and spikes to safely deter pigeons. These bird proofing methods can be used in conjunction with netting, depending on the pigeon problem, type of building or structure inhabited.

If you are unsure of which pigeon pest control solution is right for your business, site or building, get in touch with our nationwide pigeon proofing experts on 0333 567 2020. They are happy to talk through your problems and advise on a plan, wherever you are located in the UK.

Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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