Do lasers work on seagulls?

Using lasers as a bird deterrent is relatively new technology but are now regularly used by bird control companies. Laser bird scarers have proved to admirably work and move on seagulls and other pest birds where they are causing damage or a threat to health.

Seagulls are notoriously loud and can cause many problems for home and business owners. When it comes to seagull deterrents, a laser bird deterrent system encourages problem seagulls to move to a more appropriate site to nest and roost.

How do bird lasers work on seagulls?

laser1As a seagull scarer, the Agrilaser bird deterrent system shines high powered green laser beams of light to scare the seagulls but in no way does this cause any harm. It relies on the seagulls’ flight response, as they perceive the laser beam as a physical danger. This deters

seagulls and other pest birds to fly away, appealing to their survival instinct, inspired by nature. Bird lasers are most effective during sunrise and sunset hours and especially as seagulls are settling down to roost. 

Where can you use laser bird scarers?

Laser bird scarers when used as a seagull deterrent are particularly effective over large areas. In fact, they can reach up to up to 2,500 meters, in almost a full circular rotation of 350°. Incredibly, that means the Agrilaser Autonomic laser is effective at deterring birds and seagulls across long distances up to 3,000 acres.

What are the advantages of a laser seagull deterrent?

Other seagull pest control methods 

There are several seagull control measures to help solves seagull problems in both urban and non-urban areas. These include:

If you want any further advice on seagull pest control methods or have any questions about the Agrilaser, laser bird scarer, get in touch by calling 0333 567 2020. 

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