Deter, Remove, and Prevent: Mastering Pigeon Control in Edinburgh’s Businesses

The Scottish city of Edinburgh, renowned for its cultural heritage and history, faces a challenge that affects so many urban environments: pigeons. These seemingly harmless birds can cause potential problems for local businesses. They can pose a health risk, create polluted environments, and cause significant damage to property and structures. These pigeon predicaments can be tackled by focusing on three key steps - Deterring, Removing and Preventing.

Bird WireDeter – The First Line of Defence

The first step in mastering pigeon control begins with deterrence. Pigeons will nest in places with easy access to food, water, and shelter. By cutting off these resources, businesses can discourage the birds from roosting or nesting on their premises.

Businesses should make sure rubbish bins are sealed, food sources are kept minimal, and potential nesting sites are obstructed. Physical barriers such as pigeon spikes, netting, and bird wire can also be installed in places where pigeons frequently gather. These non-harmful deterrents help to create an environment that is less inviting to our feathered foes.

Remove – Spearhead the Mission

Despite all efforts, if pigeons have already settled on your property and are causing issues, it becomes necessary to remove them. However, it's crucial to adhere to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which protects birds, eggs, and their nests. Hiring a professional pest control company that specialises in bird control is the most effective and legal approach.

Prevent – Aim for a Pigeon-Free Future

The final step in this battle is prevention. It's not enough to simply remove the problem; it's essential to prevent the problem from returning.

Regular maintenance and inspection of premises is important. Fill gaps or holes in the building structures, keep outdoor areas clean and free from food waste. Consider installing bird proofing measures such as roost modification tools - these can range from spikes and wires to more sophisticated options like electric shock systems or pigeon gel repellent.

Lastly, education is instrumental in this mission. Encourage your staff and nearby businesses to understand the importance of pigeon control, familiarise them with good practices, and foster a pigeon-free environment together.

Pigeon control is crucial for preserving the beauty, cleanliness, and health standards within Edinburgh’s businesses. Deterring, removing, and preventing pigeons from inhabiting business premises benefits not only property owners but also the community.

At NBC Environment, we understand the importance of managing a pigeon population effectively, if you're looking for effective and humane bird control solutions, our Edinburgh Bird Control team can help. 

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Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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