Are bird spikes legal?

Bird spikes are a legal bird deterrent widely used by building owners and businesses premises in towns and cities throughout the UK. They are also used in some rural areas to prevent the expensive damage pest birds can cause.

The RSPCA recommends bird spikes

As an effective and harmless method of bird control, bird spikes are recommended by the RSPB as one of the best long-term methods of bird proofing buildings. They are also recommended by the British Wildlife Conservation.

Bird spikes are an effective pest bird control

Bird spikes don’t hurt or injure birds, the pins of anti-bird spikes act as a visual and physical barrier. So, while these spikes may look like they would harm the birds, they simply prevent them from landing on the ledge or area. This then encourages the unwanted pest birds to move on to a more accessible place to roost. 

This humane pest bird control method can be tailored to the type of problem birds. There are just four types of bird spikes which provide the bird proofing solution to every situation. Different heights of bird spiking ensure optimum control against either pigeons or gulls.

Where can bird spikes be fitted?

Bird control spikes are extremely versatile and can be attached to practically every shape and any area. The purpose is to prevent pest birds from landing on ledges, street lighting, railings, chimneys, window sills, commercial signage, structures and buildings. In fact, to prevent roosting birds such as pigeons, bird spikes can even be attached to almost any surface.

Many new commercial properties and business premises now install bird spikes to deter pest birds and eliminate the associated troubles before they become a problem.

Advantages of bird spikesISG Retail bird spike installation

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