Commercial Property Management

Bird & Pest Solutions for Commercial Property Management

If you are responsible for letting or selling commercial properties you maybe also be responsible for ongoing maintenance. We help make the job easier for you with tailored regular service programmes that prevent you getting ‘unwanted tenants’ such as rodents or pigeons and the problems that come with them. We provide:

  • Site surveys with risk assessment surveys
  • Regular monitoring and inspections with
  • Reporting with recommendations for on-going protection against the threat of pests
  • Call-outs for emergencies

Whether the problem is rodents, bed-bugs, foxes or any manner of wildlife that becomes a pest by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can rely on our
estate agentslocal technicians for a fast and guaranteed pest control service.

We eliminate the conflict between wildlife, people and property – simply, swiftly and humanely. Our aim is to always:

  • Respond same day
  • Guarantee all work as 100% effective
  • Handle ALL bird and pest problems for commercial premises (and all residential properties under the care of our estate & letting agent clients)

To ensure a fast, guaranteed and cost effective service talk to us on 0333 567 2020.