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Wildlife Management


NBC Environment have expert teams providing a wide range of wildlife management services, focusing on population control and habitat design.

Wildlife Management maintains populations of wild animals at levels consistent with the best interest of wildlife and the public. Here in the UK we are lucky to have a varied environment, rich in wildlife. Risks that wildlife can pose vary from damage to the structure of buildings to harming crops and plants and even on occasions they can pose a health risk.

We believe that the perception of pest control companies has moved on from simply that of pest exterminators. Regulation, public perception and our clients requirements now demand a deeper and more integrated approach to managing situations where wildlife conflict occurs to minimise risk to businesses and public health.

Our Approach

Our unique approach considers all aspects of the industry from ecology to pest control under the broader term of wildlife management. We have a team of CIEEM accredited ecologists assess habitats, then working with land based operatives manage the environment to make it more attractive to beneficial wildlife and less attractive to wildlife that could be defined as pests.

Wildlife management operatives are then able to manage populations within the area considering the environmental impacts and effects to non-target wildlife in all control programmes, embracing stewardship wholeheartedly into working practices.

Each service we offer is designed to complement another providing an unrivalled offering. Working with a huge number of clients across various sectors including; utility companies, local government authorities, construction, aviation, retail and warehouse outlets and the leisure and tourism industries. Partnering with major companies including Tesco, the RAF and Thames Water. We use high quality materials for long lasting, robust, durable solutions offering a practical, dependable and expert service throughout.


The video above shows a fox we discovered on a night survey. This night survey was part of a wider wildlife survey that included daytime surveys undertaken by ecologists to show wildlife during the day. Over the course of the survey, urban foxes, rabbits, small rodents, Canada geese and more were discovered. After completing this survey, we plan to implement a programme to effectively manage the impact that the wildlife we discovered is having on the sensitive sites with methods such as fencing.

Some of our wildlife management services include:

Squirrel Control, Rabbit Control , Mole Control, Fox Control & Deer Control.

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Wildlife Management Services