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Swooping in to bring hospital cheer

Swooping in to bring hospital cheer

19, July 2019

Continuing our involvement with the local community, Andy Crowle and our birds of prey made a visit to a long-term cancer patient.  

A patient has been in University Hospital Southampton for the last five months and suffered from post-surgery complications. He was feeling very down and missed his own birds of prey that he kept at home.

A ward sister that is aware of our falconry bird control, deterring pigeons on site, contacted Andy to ask if he would show the patient our working birds in the hope of raising his spirits. Together with the help of the patient’s wife, Andy flew Eric the Harris Hawk outside for the patient. Hospital staff said it was the happiest they had seen him since he was admitted.

Andy agreed to repeat his visits and take a number of birds to show the patient if his moods dropped again. The BBC South went along to one of Andy’s second visits and featured on BBC South Today bringing cheer to the patient – watch the story here.

Since then, Andy has also been chosen to feature in the new opening titles of BBC South Today lunchtime programme flying one of our birds of prey.

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