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Pigeon control at Southampton Hospital

Pigeon control at Southampton Hospital

20, March 2017

Southampton Hospital approached NBC Environment in 2014 to ask for help with a severe pigeon problem around the site.

Not only were high numbers of pigeons present across the site, but the associated guano was becoming a health hazard, particularly in the vicinity of air conditioning units.

NBC suggested a number of proofing works including netting and spikes in conjunction with cleaning the guano mess.  Following initial proofing works, a trial falconry programme was employed to encourage the pigeons to move to other areas.  Proving successful, a falconer is now a full-time fixture at the hospital.

NBC Falconer Andy Crowle patrols the hospital site with 2 Harris Hawks (Willow and Val) and a young Pere/Lanner Falcon named Rogue.  He will fly a bird for 20-30 minutes every hour, totalling up to 3hrs for each bird every day.  The birds provide a constant presence and threat to the hospital’s pigeon population, protecting the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors.

Further proofing works have continued as the pigeons attempt to find different places to live and nest.  In addition, NBC have advised the hospital on pest control issues and provided solutions.

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