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Don’t let Nesting Birds delay your project this spring!

Don’t let Nesting Birds delay your project this spring!

24, January 2017

Springtime also means bird nesting season and nesting birds can cause severe and costly delays to construction projects because of highly complex legislation. All bird species in the UK are protected by law under the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981.  It is an offence (with certain exceptions) to:

  • intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird
  • intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird whilst it is in use or being built
  • intentionally take or destroy the egg of any wild bird
  • intentionally or recklessly disturb any wild bird listed on Schedule 1 while it is nest building, or at a nest containing eggs or young, or disturb the dependent young of such a bird

Nesting birds are particularly at risk from being disturbed or having their nests destroyed as a site is prepared for development. It is your responsibility to ensure operations do not have an adverse impact on wildlife.   Operations scheduled between March and August should be surveyed to understand whether nesting birds are present.

How can NBC help?

NBC’s Principal Ecologists, supported by specialist teams, have been providing successful solution to reduce the risk of operational impact by nesting birds since 1993.  Our team is uniquely skilled and experienced to deliver effective bird and wildlife mitigation projects for all types and sizes of projects and our pragmatic approach ensures progress as well as wildlife conservation.

Bird Mitigation Measures

Lapwing - Nesting Bird ControlOur teams will design and deliver bird mitigation programmes that include habitat management zones and monitoring.  Our team is uniquely qualified to understand bird behaviour and how to deliver legal and effective bird management programmes. Services include:

  • Legislative and licencing consultation –  advice and consultation with relevant regulators
  • Surveys – wintering bird, breeding bird and raptor surveys including Schedule 1
  • Data mapping – GPS recorded data used to create meaningful GIS reports
  • Bird strike hazard – risk assessments and management plans for safe guarding
  • Bird management operations – displacement through disturbance measures including specially trained ecology dogs, hawks and falcons
  • Habitat management – arboreal and vegetation services
  • Conservation – management and development of safe zones to mitigate environmental impact


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