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NBC Scoop Innovation of the Year Award in 2019 BPMA Awards!

NBC Scoop Innovation of the Year Award in 2019 BPMA Awards!

21, March 2019

NBC Environment are proud to receive ‘the Innovation of the Year’ award at the British Pest Management Awards run by the BPCA at PestEx 2019.

The award recognised a company that is significantly making advances within the industry. With their innovative ideas positively impacting the business. Whether that be commercially, their service, staff development, or the industry as a whole.

NBC’s continual investment in innovation to ensure we are at the forefront of developments in the industry has been recognised in a special award from the British pest control association (BPCA). We’re incredibly pleased to see our hard work rewarded at industry level.

Working closely with specialist manufacturer Wingbeat, NBC has developed a new robotic tool for use within their bird control service. The Rofalcon brings Drone technology to the next level. The Mk 1 is a fixed wing, duct fan drone which originates from the Rocrow, a falconers training aid created to train falcons to hunt. NBC saw the potential of the Rocrow beyond its intended use and worked closely with the designers to adapt the product. Acting now as an extension to their proven falconry techniques. NBC Environment are the first company to gain permission for the commercial operation of a Rofalcon from CAA.

Combining traditional methods of falconry with modern technology means NBC can actively disrupt flocks of birds with mimicked stoops, low fast flight and stalked flights, often changing our flight style to ensure birds are effectively moved away from site just as falcons would. Continuously ensuring clients an excellent falconry service.

NBC continues to develop new and exciting ways to improve our services, 2019 is an exciting year.

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