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NBC Environment 25th Anniversary Celebrations

NBC Environment 25th Anniversary Celebrations

6, November 2018

We recently hosted our annual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our members of staff who particularly demonstrate our strong values every single day: Expert, Innovation, Respect, EthicalThe awards see staff at NBC Environment anonymously nominate their fellow colleagues for their outstanding work, dedication and professionalism. There are 8 awards which are to recognise outstanding achievements by individuals or teams within the company.

The Award Winners

We began the awards ceremony with a our Expert Award. This award recognises the achievement of an individual who consistently delivers a high quality service throughout the year, they have a very high level of skill that would have been demonstrated in their expert delivery of complicated and special projects that few would have been capable of delivering.

Expert Award Winner 2018


Carl Spencer 

Carl’s expertise in pest control have always been second to none. His expert skills have really been highlighted in recent projects where his knowledge and skills are tested daily. Carl often deals with ‘worst-case’ infestations and due to the nature of the contracts he often dramatically improves vulnerable lives.




Our Second award was our Customer Service Award. This recognises either an individual’s outstanding achievement in ensuring exemplary customer service and satisfaction, or the achievements of a team where exemplary customer service and satisfaction has been consistently achieved.

Customer Service Award Winner 2018


Craig Rowe

Craig has provided outstanding customer service to one of NBC Environment’s largest projects this year. Craig’s high level of knowledge and skills has helped the project run successfully. Craig’s hard work and dedication will enable us to build on our success and enhance our reputation. He’s an excellent representation of the NBC brand and its values.




Next is our Innovation Award. This award will recognise an individual or team who can demonstrate that they have suggested innovative ideas that have been implemented that have led specifically to improved efficiency or quality.

Innovation Award Winner 2018


Edward Nicholson & Eddie Thorn

This award is made to jointly acknowledge the hard work and professionalism that both Edward & Eddie have shown and also to recognise the way they have worked across the NBC / Blackdown organisation with a vision and dedication to deliver a service combining the joint capabilities of both parts of our organisation.




Next, we had our Inspiration Leader Award. This award is for an individual manager who has demonstrated Inspirational leadership of a team or service. They will be able to demonstrate the influence they have made either to their team or the organisation as a whole in the delivery of the company’s core values, and should demonstrate a range of skills necessary for success

Inspirational Leader Award 2018  


Adam Bratt

Adam encourages his ecology team to improve their knowledge, experience and confidence while motivating the team to work together. Adam’s skills have always gone above and beyond his outstanding professional and ecological acumen. A dedication and a relentless commitment to supporting our huge array of clients as well as his team. Adam is really knowledgeable and always on the ball, he always goes above and beyond what is expected of him.



Our firth award is our Outstanding Achievement Award. This award is to recognise an individual who has consistently demonstrated effort above and
beyond the normal job responsibilities, and emulates each of the cultural values in their behaviour, work and how they deal with others.

Outstanding Achievement Award Winner 2018


Oliver Brumpton

Oliver has expert knowledge in all areas of his job and teaches his skills to all. He is an inspiration to all with his
commitment to the company, service and the team. What he has achieved in 6 months is nothing but outstanding.
Since Oliver has taken over as regional manager we’ve seen a massive improvement in staff attitude and the jobs they undertake. Oliver is always available anytime and will take on any problem.



Next is our Community, Environment and Sustainability Award. This award recognizes the contribution an individual or team have made to the community through charity work or volunteering and/or positive activities that have resulted in improvements to the companies environmental performance.

Community, Environment and Sustainability Award Winners 2018 

blackdown-awards-2018Sophia Priddle & Bethan Withey

Sophia & Bethan have done much to promote our work and with wildlife beyond the commercial projects which we deliver. Both Sophia and Bethan are prolific wildlife carers. It is their engagement with the public during their voluntary work which is also so important; fostering enthusiasm for wildlife to the families who have found a grounded bat, organising wildlife walks and talks with scouts and school groups or Sophia roping in the volunteers to resource the seasonal toad patrols.”



Next is our Rookie Award. The Rookie Award has always been part of every NBC Award ceremony over the last 25 years. This year has been a year of continued growth for NBC and we have welcomed some exceptional new starters.

Rookie Awards Winner 2018 


Mark Knight

Mark has jumped straight in and at every turn and has embraced the challenges with professionalism and enthusiasm. Mark has been proactive in his approach, going beyond the basics and looking at the wider issues. Mark is a real credit to NBC Environment. We have received some fantastic customer feedback, which goes a long way with developing our relationship and company credentials.



Our last award is Top Team Award. This award is not for the team with the most revenue or best performance but for the team that can demonstrate that they are an effective unit that are able to support each other and work together to navigate the challenges that they may face in the delivery of their objectives.

Top Team Awards Winner 2018

north-team-awards-2018The North

The North is a large area and they always appear a very tight knit unit and a very supportive team. The North consistently perform as an effective unit enabling them to support each other and navigate challenges successfully.






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