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Gloucester & Oxford Pest Control, Bird Control & Infection Control

london pest control commercial NBC Environment offer a discreet, fast and professional service for commercial businesses and residential properties – eliminating the risks and hazards of pest infestations in the Gloucester & Oxford. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, our highly skilled operatives are able to deliver solutions in any kind of environment whether that be densely populated urban or rural.

The availability of food sources and shelter make urban, as well as rural, areas an ideal environment for pests. Therefore, it is not uncommon for businesses and residents to face a pest infestation from time to time. It is important to act as soon as you notice the first signs of pests. There are several risks caused by nuisance animals and pesky insects for instance diseases, damage to infrastructure, financial costs for your business and not to mention the level of disruption.

Our team of Wildlife & Environmental Operatives work to ensure you have a pest & bird free business or home.

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Your Local Dedicated Contracts Manager

Mark Hatt

Mark has been working along side NBC Environment since 2012. Mark has over 25 years experience in managing customers and has a portfolio of customers to be proud of.

Marks and his team work within the Gloucester & Oxford region providing environmentally responsible pest and bird control services to his customers.

Pest Control:

NBC Environment are the choice of many leading brands, we provide pest control services to safeguard businesses across Gloucester & Oxford. Our teams of Wildlife Operatives technicians and biologists deliver control and prevention services discretely, responsibly and humanely. Whether you are a small business or a large multi-site business we provide business protection from pests around the clock. Our proactive approach ensures there are no unwanted surprises at the time of audit and keeps your maintenance costs to a minimum.

Bird Control:

NBC Environment are the bird control experts providing effective solutions across Gloucester & Oxford. We currently work with a variety of industries such as aviation, construction, facilities management and commercial property management.

We are experts at bird proofing properties and utilities, we offer a full range of netting, wire, lasers, spikes and gels to suit the specific needs of any type of building. Finally, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty – we’re also highly practised in bird dropping removal

Our Services in Gloucester & Oxford:

Rodent Control
Bedbug Control
Fly Control
Wasp Control
Cockroach Control
Urban Gull Control
Pigeon Control
Wildlife Management
London Pest Control Disinfection Services

Costs and Pricing?

Due to the huge variety of houses and commercial buildings, each pest or bird problem will differ from the next. There are many factors that will affect the final price of a service, for example;

The type of pest / bird
Size of the infestation
Size of the property
Number of treatments required


“Mark and NBC were able to provide the right kind of service at the right price for RAF Brize Norton during a time of significant infestation of birds. Marks approach was to listen to my requirements and produce an effective solution around some pretty heavy restrictions. The results were instant and effective. Always attentive to the customer’s needs Mark and NBC have put themselves in a strong position for recommendations and future work. It has been a pleasure doing business with Mark.”

Matthew Cole
Former Station Health and Safety Advisor

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