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Fencing Solutions for the 2017 Reptile Season

Fencing Solutions for the 2017 Reptile Season

22, February 2017

Does your project require wildlife fencing?

We offer a cost effective, turnkey approach from initial ecological site appraisals and the installation of appropriate fencing, through to the translocation of reptiles to suitable receptor sites. Our teams have the experience and equipment that enables them to operate across complex and challenging terrains, and the ability to integrate techniques in order to maximise survey efforts. Our RAW reptile fencing range is available in both temporary and permanent form, and can be installed at either 45º as a one way barrier system, or at 90º as a complete barrier.

We can provide this as a ‘supply only’ product, or a full design, installation and maintenance package. A qualified Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) will ensure installation is completed to achieve maximum success with exclusion and durability.

To discuss your site with an Ecologist and arrange for an Ecological Clerk of Works to be undertaken please call 0333 567 2020.

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