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Fear and Loathing (Japanese Knotweed)

Fear and Loathing (Japanese Knotweed)

24, May 2017

For most this is the reaction when they here the words Japanese Knotweed (JKW). Although a problem invasive it is still manageable. We can survey your sites and produce JKW management plans to help correctly deal with your invasive problem. As well as management plans we have many ways of controlling JKW from herbicide treatment through to excavation and screening methods which can save thousands of pounds on larger development sites. Get Blackdown Environmental involved as early in your project as possible for us to try and minimise the cost of treatment to you and make sure you stay within the law.

A recent case against Network Rail has found them been ordered to pay £15,000 compensation for damage caused to homes by Japanese Knotweed spreading from its land.

It is thought the outcome of the case is likely to have implications across the UK and has the potential to alter the legal landscape for owners of public and land and we would urge any land owner with JKW to be aware of the issue.

Also remember you could be eligible for Land remediation relief when cleaning up your site from Japanese Knotweed.

The Environment Agency’s Code of practice ‘Managing Knotweed on Development Sites’ has been the go to reference for the treatment of Japanese Knotweed since it’s publication in 2006. Withdrawn in 2016, our current guidance comes through the Regulatory Position Statement RPS178 which applies if you want to dispose of invasive non-native plant material, and the substrate in which it is rooted, without a permit.

Herbicide treatment for Japanese Knotweed is often undertaken with a glyphosate based product some of which contain POE-tallowamine which is a surfactant. There are currently 109 plant protection products which contain glyphosate and POE-tallowamine authorised in the UK. Click here for a full list.

99 of these product authorisations have the following expiry dates: 

For sale and distribution:  on or before 30 June 2017Knotweed
For disposal, storage and use:  on or before 30 June 2018
A further 10 products currently expire at a later date. So insure any works you instruct or deliver comply with these new authorisations.

Also remember if the treatment of JKW is part of a larger project as well as INNS services we can help you from initial ecological and arboricultural surveys through to tree and vegetation clearance and the installation of wildlife and reptile fencing.

If your project is riparian based the removal of bankside invasive such as JKW or Himalayan Balsam can leave the bankside bare and prone to scour and sediment migration. Blackdown can assist you in the supply and installation of products such as rock rolls, pre-planted coir rolls or VMax erosion control matting right through to the removal of waterbody silts.


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