Ecology & Bird Management

The need to demonstrate the assessment of the impact of a development project or commercial operation on the ecology of a site has never been greater. The impact of your development or commercial operation on the countryside and urban biodiversity can be significant.

Our nationwide consultancy teams have a track record of delivering practical solutions that will help you manage the risk to operations from birds and wildlife to ensure legal compliance and commercial continuity.

Crucially we have vast experience in understanding the commercial and social pressures on you and your organisation. By working with NBC you can rest assured our recommendations to you will be practical and effective as well as compliant.

Solutions Driven

Ornithology GPS MappingSo you’ve received your ecology report identifying the potential impacts and risks. The next step requires you develop a solution to overcome the challenges to the site ecology and ensure commercial continuity.

We’ve been managing the risk from the UK bird species since 1993 and our teams have acquired a unique experience and knowledge of bird behaviour. This practical field experience is combined with a commercial understanding meaning we can provide viable creative solutions to address the risk of nesting birds.

There’s no jargon in our reports and recommendations, just clear practical advice. We have a successful track record in understanding commercial needs and an ability to translate technical information into balanced, understandable and commercially relevant solutions.

Our consultants also understand time is, more often than not, of the essence so you will have recommendations in days not weeks. This will mean you can ensure operations are safeguarded in time to prevent delays or additional costs.

The UK’s Leading Bird Management Consultancy

All birds in the UK are protected by law under the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981. Our Principal Consultants supported by our specialist teams have successfully been providing practical solutions to reduce the risk of birds impacting clients operations.

Recognised as knowledge leaders through selection to participate in studies completed by FERA and Scottish Heritage, our teams have saved clients millions of pounds by avoiding delays and potential litigation. Services we can provide include:

  • Legislative and licencing consultation – Advice and consultation with relevant regulators
  • Surveys – Wintering bird, breeding bird and raptor surveys including Schedule 1
  • Data Mapping – GPS recorded data used to create meaningful GIS reports
  • Bird strike hazard – Risk assessments and management plans for safe guarding
  • Bird management operations – Displacement through disturbance measures including specially trained ecology dogs, hawks and falcons
  • Habitat management – Arboreal and vegetation services
  • Conservation – Management and development of safe zones to mitigate environmental impact

For advice and guidance on all bird matters talk to us on 0333 567 2020 or contact us.