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Ditching Works, Weston

Ditching Works, Weston

4, April 2017

Working in close partnership with our client, Skanska, on their Somerset Ditching Works, WestonCounty Council Highways Framework, we were approached to undertake approximately 60m of ditch clearance works adjacent to a busy A-road and opposite Weston General Hospital.

The ditch which had originally served as drainage for the road, had become silted up and overgrown, and needed to be cleaned out, in order to be functional again. Due to difficult site access and associated budgetary constraints, we worked closely with the stakeholders on site that allowed the excavated material to be incorporated into the works, preventing costly haulage and disposal costs.

Our works involved:

  • Clearance of dense scrub and vegetation along the length of drainage ditch;
  • Crown lifting Ash & Alder along the length of the ditch to facilitate machine access;
  • Removing existing post and rail and stock netting;
  • Cleaning out approximately 60m of ditch, ensuring that water could drain freely;
  • Supplying and installing 10m of new post and rail fencing;
  • Supplying and installing 50m of new stock netting.

Our collaborative approach helped to reduce the carbon footprint of the works and prevented costly landfill and haulage costs.


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