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Ground Nesting Bird Control

Ground Nesting Bird Control

If there is a potential risk and no possibility of scheduling works to avoid the birds breeding season (February to August) it may be possible to implement a bird management programme.

Any action should ideally begin prior to the nesting season to encourage birds to choose an alternative nest site that will not be disturbed either at an alternative location or in a conservation area set up as part of a management programme.

“If you can’t change the timing or location of your activity to avoid affecting birds, you can sometimes prevent birds
from nesting for a short time”
Natural England

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The Key to Effective Ground Nesting Bird Management

Before any bird management programme can commence a mitigation plan must be drawn up to include:

  • Methodology
  • Monitoring
  • Alternative nest sites and incentives
  • Maintenance

Future Management

A mitigation plan will not only ensure that a programme is effective but will also ensure that operations are approved and legal. Our experts will create a mitigation plan to safeguard your business from the inconvenience that a conflict with birds could cause to your operations.

Alternative Nest Sites

Working with you, your local NBC team will identify and create alternative nesting sites. These safe zones on site or nearby can be identified and made more attractive than the development area with suitable habitat management. This approach will make conflict in the development site less likely and ensure that operations do not have a negative effect on breeding populations, providing a positive legacy for the future.

Bird Proofing

It may be possible to completely restrict access to a development zone through netting. Netting has been successfully used to remove the risk of nesting birds interrupting development and can be used on hedgerows and property due for demolition or development. Read more.

Falconry, Working Dog Disruption & Dispersal Programme

To discourage birds nesting in a development zone a programme of disruption can be implemented prior to the nesting period of the species. This will also encourage the ground nesting birds into identified conservation areas. Birds of prey can be flown in addition to the use of trained working dogs which will quarter the ground regularly sniffing out any ground nesting birds to encourage them into the conservation area without contact or harm. Read more.

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