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Aquatic Engineering


Specialist Aquatic Engineering

You know that aquatic engineering demands specialist knowledge and the right equipment. With our bio engineering approach we have both, to ensure waterways are developed and maintained effectively and sensitively.

Aquatic engineering & weed control

From creating new bodies of water to restoration, ongoing maintenance, fisheries management and weed control we have the knowledge you need, especially when working in environmentally sensitive areas. Our clients range from private waterway owners responsible for small stretches of water through to much larger stretches, such as canals and other main waterways.

Bio engineering

Following the principles of bio engineering or soft engineering, we use natural products such as willow spiling, hazel fascines and chestnut stakes in varying forms achieve cost-effective results to even the most complex aquatic issues.

We offer a range of aquatic engineering services, including:

  • Effective fisheries management through ongoing maintenance to control weed and algae growth with aquatic weed harvester
  • River restoration, effectively restoring the natural state and functioning of the river system and improving the resilience of the river system
  • Creating floating islands to improve water quality
  • Improving angling access to rivers
  • Ditch creation and maintenance
  • Rejuvenating river beds
  • Erosion control
  • Minor flood defence
  • Pond and lake construction
  • Complete hard landscaping services
  • Land drainage systems

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