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5 Top Tips for keeping your hospitality business fly free this Summer

5 Top Tips for keeping your hospitality business fly free this Summer

16, August 2018

In the hospitality industry, summer is a key trading period. Whether it’s booked hotel rooms or packed-out beer gardens, customers expect to enjoy their experience in a pest free environment. The rise in temperature can result in the arrival of unwanted guests – including flies.

Exclusion and Sanitation:

If your business is experiencing a fly issue, the first measure of defence is exclusion and sanitation. Eliminating the source of the fly issue is a necessary strategic step to help to eliminate them fully.

Firstly, removing food, residues and materials where flies feed and lay their eggs will help to restrict them and their egg-laying adults, therefore restricting and disrupting their environment and subsequent breeding cycle. Removing and restricting access to food, residues and breeding areas is essential if you want to manage your fly problem.

Your waste management needs to be considered. Bins and other forms of waste management systems should be emptied and cleaned regularly, sometimes several times per day depending on the scale of the issue.

Installing Equipment:

Installing fly screens on doors and windows will help to prevent flies from gaining access to your building, while at the same time allowing cool air to continue to flow throughout the premises. Installing fly control units will help to control fly activity and monitor for infestation.

Keeping Clean:

Maintain detailed and high standards of hygiene in all areas of your business. Keeping your food and drink premises meticulously clean at all times will deter and restrict flies, slowing and preventing the development of an infestation. Ensure that all food is covered or stored securely and all surfaces are kept clean and tidy with any food residues removed. Waste must be disposed of in an effective manner. Keep your business in pristine condition!

Your business relies on the teamwork of your staff. It is important to inform and train staff about good hygiene and safe food practices. If your staff have the knowledge, it will, in turn, help to prevent your fly problem and benefit your business.

Professional Fly Control:

If despite your best efforts you’re experiencing a serious fly infestation, you may need to contact a professional pest management company. Experts will be able to assess your infestation and provide n interactive, tailored and proactive approach to help minimise the impact to your businesses, maintenance costs and ensure a clean bill of health at all times.

Be Prepared:

You may not have a fly problem yet, but that doesn’t mean preventative measures can’t be taken. Preventing a fly problem before it occurs is the best course of action, and can protect both your customers and your business’ reputation.


If you apply these 5 steps today, you’ll be on your way to a fly-free summer!

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